Why Pro-Air 

Commercial Only Expertise – We are strictly a commercial service company. Our technicians are commercially trained and spend their days working on systems like yours. When you call us you won’t get a technician that is learning on the job at your expense; you will get a technician with the knowledge and expertise working on your type and size system.



Client Retention – We started in 2002 and we have retained most of our client since we began. We believe in a true partnership approach and strive to maintain long-term mutually beneficial relationships with our client/partners. We are very proud of this record and strive every day to continue to bring our expertise and value to our clients.



Technical Experience – Our technicians have an average of commercial HVACR experience of 12 years! We continue to utilize factory and inhouse training to insure we stay ahead of the curve with new equipment coming out yearly. You receive the benefit of this experience and training.



No Commissions or Incentives – Our technicians are highly trained and well paid by the hour. Pro-Air does not allow commissions or incentive based pay for selling you parts you may not need.



True 24/7/365 Service – There is always a live person ready to take your call to utilize our multiple on-call technicians to ensure service is responded to quickly and professionally.



Inventory – We carry a heavy inventory that is nearly twice the industry average per truck. This helps maximize the ability for immediate fixes to your service issue.



“The Problem Solvers” – When you become our client, your problems and challenges become ours. Many times we become a resource for our clients in fulfilling needs that extend beyond our day to day work. When you don’t know who to call, try us. Many times we can help!

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